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Long-term cooperation with our clinics enables us to assess exactly which clinic and which surgeon can best realize your wishes and ideas.

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5 beauty clinics in Prague

We work with 5 premium clinics in Prague and know the specialties of each surgeon. Together we discuss your concerns and then know exactly who will best realize your wishes. This allows us to make the best choice of clinic and surgeon for a top result. At official clinic prices and without agency fees.


Beauty Clinic Pilsen

Pilsen is located about an 1 hour drive from Prague. This is exactly where our modern partner clinic for plastic surgery is located with an extremely qualified staff who demonstrate excellent surgical work every day.


2 Clinics in Budweis

Two clinics located in South Bohemia and renowned surgeons enable us to offer the best surgical solutions for targeted interventions. A modern private clinic and a city clinic with the security of a hospital and extensive medical structures.


Clinic Brno

State-of-the-art technology, but above all top results in special types of breast surgery. Talk to us and let us make the best choice of a surgeon together.


Special clinic for lipedema patients Olomouc

We particularly appreciate the cooperation with the special clinic for lipedema patients. A comprehensive examination including sonography of the diseased fat and a tailor-made treatment concept with water-jet-based liposuction enable the team of specialists to achieve excellent results.


Clinic for obesity medicine in Jihlava area

Obesity surgery should only be performed by the best. If you are interested in gastric sleeve surgery or a gastric bypass, we are guaranteed to know the best surgeons so that any risks are minimized as much as possible.


Beauty clinic Carlsbad

Feel free to ask us about the supreme discipline of the doctors there. We would be happy to help you choose the best surgeon.


Clinic for Obesity Medicine Karlsbad

A specialist insertion of classic gastric balloons and swallowing balloons Elipse™ is also worthwhile in the Czech Republic! We are happy to assure you of this treatment by english-speaking gastroenterologist.


Obesity Medicine Clinic Prague

A specialist insertion of classic gastric balloons and swallowing balloons Elipse™ is also worthwhile in the Czech Republic! We are happy to assure you of this treatment by a english-speaking gastroenterologist.


Hair Clinic Prague

We only want the best for our patients. In the field of hair transplantation, we therefore rely on cooperation with a clinic that uses the world's most modern method of hair transplantation - the revolutionary ARTAS robot technology. Contact us and learn more about the benefits.


6 other cooperating clinics

The cooperation with our clinics is very dynamic and our network is constantly expanding. We constantly monitor the surgical results and patient satisfaction.


70 procedures for a new body feeling

Procedures Liposuktion, Liposkulptur, Sixpack-OP

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