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Full rhinoplasty in the Czech Republic

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A nose for natural beauty

What is full rhinoplasty?

Full rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can completely or partially change the shape of your nose. Clients usually ask for rhinoplasty because they feel their nose is too large, wide or long. Many clients also request rhinoplasty due to an aquiline nose with a significant hook or bump. This procedure is not only performed for aesthetic reasons, however. Rhinoplasty can also correct intrusive functional problems such as a deviated septum that causes difficulty breathing. 

Full, partial, or re-operation? 

Full rhinoplasty corrects the entire nose: the cartilage at the tip as well as the bone structure. The most common requests include lowering or narrowing the bridge of the nose and narrowing or shortening the tip of the nose. If the bridge of the nose has fallen, the surgeon can take a graft from cartilage in the septum, ear or rib to correct the shape of the nose. Some patients may only need tip rhinoplasty, which can be performed under local anaesthesia. Septorhinoplasty means correcting a deviated septum along with an aesthetic procedure. 

Get an experienced surgeon

Rhinoplasty is one of the most technically challenging plastic surgeries there is. Did you know that a surgeon who can perform an excellent bridge reduction may not be the right surgeon to correct a deviated septum? Or that not every nose specialist can do a graft? Depending on your goals, you will need to carefully choose an extremely skilled and experienced surgeon who specialises in this challenging aspect of plastic surgery. This will give you the best possible chance of getting the results you want from this delicate procedure. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you. 

Basic information

Procedure duration: about one to two hours

Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia

Stay at the clinic: one night

Eingriff, Eingriffe, OP, Operation, Schönheitschirurgie

Recovery time: Two to three weeks

Scar: inside the nasal cavity and potentially between the nostrils

Sports: Six weeks

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What to expect


Before the surgery

For two weeks before the surgery avoid aspirin and other blood thinners. Minimise alcohol consumption and smoking for a few days before the procedure. Ideally you should stop smoking completely. 


During the surgery

Full rhinoplasty takes place under general anaesthesia and requires a one or two-day stay at the clinic. The anaesthesiologist remains present during the entire procedure. Depending on the planned scope, the procedure may be performed as ‘open’ or ‘closed’ rhinoplasty. You can take a sedative before the procedure begins, if you wish. 

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You may experience pain and swelling in the first few days after full rhinoplasty. It should be easily managed with painkillers, however. For the first several days you should lie in bed with the upper half of your body raised. Taking the pressure of your head can minimise swelling. After several days, the swelling should subside on its own. You may also experience some bleeding from the nose in the days immediately after rhinoplasty.

Please avoid blowing your nose to make sure it heals correctly. The swelling will go down after two or three weeks. Any lack of sensation in the area will gradually disappear. Splints and stitches will be removed after about 10 days. In order to avoid disrupting the healing process, patients should refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. They should also avoid physical exertion and exercise for two to three months. Otherwise patients can return to ordinary daily activities within several days. 

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Just-in-case insurance

The risk of complications arising during or after the procedure is very low. Choosing the right surgeon with our help is the best thing you can do to get excellent results. Still, no surgeon in the world can guarantee no complications will ever occur. Taking out insurance on an operation is a logical step, and more and more patients today are choosing to insure their aesthetic operation. We will be glad to help you with that as well. Just say the word. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of reviews do you have from rhinoplasty patients?

Contact our team and we’ll share patient stories, reviews and results for full rhinoplasty performed by the surgeon you’ve chosen.

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

We will be happy to tell you the exact price for your rhinoplasty. Since every procedure differs in scope and difficulty, however, the price can only be set after discussing all your requirements and assessing your indications. The price always includes consultation with a plastic surgeon, pre-op examination, the appropriate anaesthesia, the procedure itself, and post-op hospitalisation.

How long do rhinoplasty results last?

The results are usually long-term. Following all the surgeon’s recommendations is the best way to make sure you heal well, get the results you want and have them last as long as possible. 

Can you also arrange transportation and accommodations for me?

Yes, we would be happy to arrange everything for you: plane tickets, a room in a verified hotel, and transport to and from the clinic. Contact us today.

Does rhinoplasty require an inpatient stay?

Yes, most patients will need to stay one night.

How long will it take to go back to normal life after having rhinoplasty?

That depends on the nature and scope of procedures performed. Most patients return to work after two to three weeks. Light physical exertion will normally need to wait about three to four weeks. 

How long do I have to wait before exercising after the procedure?

That depends on the nature and scope of procedures performed. Typically strenuous movement, exercise, strength training and even heavy cleaning will need to wait four to six weeks. You should take care to minimise the risk of injury to the nose and keep in mind that internal healing takes six to 12 months. You will need to be particularly careful of your nose during this time. 

At what age can rhinoplasty be performed?

Due to bone growth we recommend this operation only after the age of 18 for women or 21 for men. Although rhinoplasty often requires good skin elasticity in order to achieve optimal results and elasticity declines with age, there is no set age cap for this procedure. 

How big of a procedure is rhinoplasty?

The scope of the procedure depends on what changes you would like the surgeon to make. A minor correction may be performed as an outpatient procedure where the patient can go home almost immediately afterwards. Full rhinoplasty, by contrast, must be performed under general anaesthesia and may take up to three hours for complex cases. You should always count on staying overnight at the clinic if you have general anaesthesia.

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