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Venus Hill Liposuction

Excess fat in the pubic area cannot usually be removed by exercising. Liposuction offers a solution.

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Excess fat can bother you elsewhere than the classically problematic areas which are the abdomen, waist and thighs. Genetics, caesarean section or other abdominal surgery can be the cause. The procedure usually significantly helps to increase self-confidence in the intimate area. Venus Hill Liposuction of the hill, which extends from the external female organs to the lower abdomen is performed by various methods. Your aesthetic surgeon, who we will choose together, will recommend which one will be most ideal for you. The surgery runs only under local anesthesia and you can go home immediately after the procedure.

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The risk of any complications during or after the procedure is very low and by choosing together the best surgeon, we’ll do our utmost to prevent anything like this from happening. Nevertheless, no doctor can completely rule out the complication. Therefore surgery insurance makes sense and the number of patients who insure their aesthetic surgery is constantly increasing. We will be more than happy to advise you with this as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Daniela Spörrer
You helped me to find a great Clinic, an amazing Surgeon and team. We solved everything simply at Whatsapp-the consultation, a hotel reservation and the financing method.
Diana Bratz-Schulz
Elisa took my initial concerns seriously. She was able to answer everything clearly and always reassured me. We chose a suitable surgeon together. The final result is fantastic.
Charlotteö Belhaj
At MedRoyal, they took care of everything, from the offer at the beginning to the final stay at the Clinic. They also helped me to book a hotel room for my husband who accompanied me.
Sandra W
Thanks a lot to my Surgeon, his team and the MedRoyal Coordinator. Friendly staff with such dedication and energy really can't be seen.
Werner Voigt
The Coordinator answered all my questions not just before the surgery but also after it. She contacted the Surgeon and handled everything herself. She has always been here for me.
Inja Meyerdierks
Everything was well organized - both the agency and the clinic. I felt in good hands all the time. Thank you.
Bianca Pami
People from MedRoyal help you to choose the best Surgeon, plan the whole Surgery and the most important- these MedRoyal Coordinators are always here for you.
Maria Schulz

Frequently asked questions

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Is Venus Hill Liposuction a Permanent solution?

Yes, after this liposuction, you should never get fat in this part again.

Why does fat even settle in the Venus Hill area?

Genetic deposition, cesarean section or other abdominal surgery is responsible for fat deposition in the Venus of the hill. It can also appear after plastic surgery of the abdominal wall.

How does convalescence take place after Venus Hill liposuction?

The procedure is performed only under a local anesthesia and is not extensive. That's why you can go home right away, and even the recovery period is not time-consuming. The result is worth it and other patients are very happy with it.

How long after Venus Hill Liposuction I cannot have sex?

In order for the pubic area to heal well, you should save it for a few weeks after the procedure. Therefore, wait a while with sports and sexual intercourse.

Is the right time for a new body awareness?

With us, it’s just a message away.

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