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Miniabdominoplasty in the Czech Republic

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Incision Locations Abdominoplasty

Plastic surgery of the smaller part of the abdomen

If you’ve lost a lot of weight, whether due to this being after pregnancy or surgical treatment for obesity, loose skin may not always be removed by a healthy diet or regular exercise. Alternatively, the best solution is abdominoplasty.  If we’re discussing the part of the abdomen where the navel does not move, it is called mini-abdominoplasty. In the lower abdomen below the navel, the surgeon removes this excess skin on the lower abdomen (so-called bikini incision). The procedure takes place under a general anesthesia and you’ll be hospitalized at the clinic for 1-2 days. Less frequent is upper abdominal surgery which removes loose skin from the navel to the sternum (incision is made in the sternum). We’ll evaluate which of the many plastic surgeons is best for this procedure specifically for you and then connect you.

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The risk of any complications during or after the procedure is very low and by choosing together the best surgeon, we’ll do our utmost to prevent anything like this from happening. Nevertheless, no doctor can completely rule out the complication. Therefore surgery insurance makes sense and the number of patients who insure their aesthetic surgery is constantly increasing. We will be more than happy to advise you with this as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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I am very happy to have referred to MedRoyal. My Coordinator and the whole team gave me a new attitude in my life.
Daniela Spörrer
You helped me to find a great Clinic, an amazing Surgeon and team. We solved everything simply at Whatsapp-the consultation, a hotel reservation and the financing method.
Diana Bratz-Schulz
Elisa took my initial concerns seriously. She was able to answer everything clearly and always reassured me. We chose a suitable surgeon together. The final result is fantastic.
Charlotteö Belhaj
At MedRoyal, they took care of everything, from the offer at the beginning to the final stay at the Clinic. They also helped me to book a hotel room for my husband who accompanied me.
Sandra W
Thanks a lot to my Surgeon, his team and the MedRoyal Coordinator. Friendly staff with such dedication and energy really can't be seen.
Werner Voigt
The Coordinator answered all my questions not just before the surgery but also after it. She contacted the Surgeon and handled everything herself. She has always been here for me.
Inja Meyerdierks
Everything was well organized - both the agency and the clinic. I felt in good hands all the time. Thank you.
Bianca Pami
People from MedRoyal help you to choose the best Surgeon, plan the whole Surgery and the most important- these MedRoyal Coordinators are always here for you.
Maria Schulz

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Frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between general and mini-abdominoplasty?

The overall surgery of the abdomen is a larger surgery - so it affects the upper and lower abdomen. In mini-abdominoplasty, only one of these parts is specifically worked on.

How long does convalescence last after abdominal surgery?

After plastic surgery of the abdomen we’ll recommend a rest programme of at least 2 weeks. We’d also recommend wearing compression underwear for a few weeks after surgery which you will receive directly at the clinic.

How long after the procedure can I play sports?

Whether it's exercise, strength training or major cleaning, we recommend waiting about 2 months before anything.

Why is it necessary to wear compression underwear after abdominal surgery?

Compression underwear reduces pain, it minimizes the swelling and bruising, improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of infection and overall speeds up the healing process.

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