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The risk of complications during or after the procedure is very low. Choosing the best surgeon together helps ensure that no complications arise at all. Still, no surgeon can guarantee no complications will ever occur. Taking out insurance on the tratment is a logical step for many clients. 

Although our partnering Czech doctors are always prepared to offer assistance with complications at no charge or basic costs clients from other countries do not always want to travel to the surgeon again. By taking out an insurance policy an eventual follow up treatment  in your home country is covered up to approx 8500 GBP if you experience complications. 

Liposuktion, Liposkulptur, Sixpack-OP

Insurance period

1 to 5 years 

One-off insurance costs

rates starting at €129

Coverage in Czech Republic

up to €50.000/ approx 42.000 £

Coverage beyond Czech Republic

up to €10.000/ approx 8.500 £

Maximum number of insured procedures per surgery

Three types of treatments

How does it work?

Ihr Weg zum neuen Körpergefühl
What is insurance for?

The insurance covers eventual costs that arise after not medically necessary aesthetic procedures and may occur as post-op complications. Insurance protects you against unexpected costs up to a specific amount. 

Who can take out insurance?

Insurance is available for patients from UK planning a surgery at once of our partnering clinics. 

What does the insurance apply to?

Insurance offers comprehensive protection against any post-op complications. It covers any costs you incur after the procedure for medically necessary treatment, re-operation, examination or outpatient treatment. Potential complications include infection, poor healing, bleeding, seromas, necrosis and others. In case of breast enlargement with implants you also can count with insurance of complication due to capsular fibrosis (BAKER 3-4).

What is not covered by the insurance?

The insurance does not cover the usual post-operative care such as pulling threads, bandage exchange, post operative checks, etc.

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Procedures Liposuktion, Liposkulptur, Sixpack-OP

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